Referee Info

Hanover Youth Soccer provides refereeing services for all teams from U10 and up.

Youth Soccer Referee Responsibilities

  1. Home coaches will provide a game sheet (in triplicate) to the referee with all players names on it. After the game, the referee keeps the top sheet, and provides the appropriate copy to the home and away coach.
  2. You should be at games at least 15 min. before starting time. All games start at 7:00pm unless otherwise arranged beforehand by the coach.
    * U – 9/10 teams play 25 minute halves.
    * U – 11/12 teams play 30 minute halves.
    * U – 13/14 teams play 35 minute halves.
    * U – 17 teams play 40 minute halves.
    * The Head Ref fills out the game sheet.
    * If there are no Assistant Refs, ask the coaches for volunteers to call in/outs.
  3. Drop off the game sheet
  4. Paycheques will be issued once every 2 weeks.
  5. Pick up cheques
  7. Refs supply their own whistle and flags.
  8. Coaches have until 6:15pm to phone the Head Ref and cancel a game.
  9. The Head Ref has to phone the Assistant Refs and cancel.
  10. If coaches don’t phone before 6:15pm, refs will still be paid for that game.
  11. If game gets canceled, without notification from coach, fill out a paper with the date, soccer pitch, home team, age level, Refs names & coach name and write CANCELED.
  12. If the Ref cannot make a game, they should first try to find another Ref to sub for them, and then phone Ron.
  13. If all the certified Refs are busy and cannot sub for you, ONLY THEN do you call an uncertified Ref to sub for you.
  14. The uncertified Refs are designated as Assistant Only on the Ref List.
  15. If Assistant Refs can’t make a game, they should phone the Head Ref with the change.
  16. You should phone Ron by 5:00pm if you cannot ref a game that night and you cannot find a replacement.

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