Developmental Program

What does ‘Developmental Soccer’ mean?

Some players feel an extended desire of playing soccer. Two months during the Summer simply isn’t enough. They would like to practice more often and play on a more competitive level.

Players in the age groups U9, U10, U11 and U12 who have a passion for the game and ideally demonstrate a good to high level of soccer skills or talent might be interested in playing in a developmental team.

During the practices players and coaches focus on skill development, game sense and individual achievement as well as on team achievement.

The Hanover Soccer Club has to register developmental teams through the WYSA (Winnipeg Youth Soccer Association). That means home games are in Steinbach, all away games are in Winnipeg. That means a bit more time and driving is necessary. The Hanover Soccer Club already has a bit experience with a few developmental teams. Usually carpooling is possible.

As soon as the weather conditions are good enough to practice outside the teams start practising. Usually in April. The first games start by end of May.

The outdoor season ends in September. During the Summer Break is a two week play pause scheduled.

Developmental soccer isn’t as inexpensive as recreational soccer. It is approximately $400-$500 for an outdoor and $450 for an indoor season. The fees include a full kit (jersey, shorts and socks) for each player, but it does not include any registration fee for tournaments.

How do I become a developmental player?

To join a developmental team every player has to attend at least one tryout.

Only a limited number of players are able to join a developmental team. For the coaches final assessment other indicators are as important as skills and talent, such as team- and coach-ability and determination.

After all soccer is still a game and should mean fun, but developmental soccer means discipline. The team comes first.

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