Indoor Kids Program Ages 4 -11

Hanover soccer club has developed a program for soccer for kids 4 to 11 years old. It will be every Saturday morning. Start is the 3rd week in October to the beginning of December.

Please explore this great activities for your kids,

The format for these proposed sessions would be-
Warm up. 5min
familiarity. 5min
Game. 18min
Technique. 8min
Game. 25min
Cool down. 5min

With approx a 2min break between each task the total time is 75 minutes.
The aim is to hold one session per week Saturday morning. Target 6 to 8 sessions before Christmas and the same from mid Jan to spring break.

Cost per player $ 60 for 6 (six) sessions
Please do the registration now….

For more information please contact Irai Rodriguez at:

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